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Ghana Launch of Teach1000 Foundation

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10 Regions of Ghana Capital Area(km2) Population(2010 census)
Ashanti Kumasi 24,889 4,780,380
Brong-Ahafo Sunyani 39,557 2,310,983
Greater Accra Accra 3,245 4,010,054
Central Cape Coast 9,826 2,376,021
Eastern Koforidua 19,323 2,633,154
Northern Tamale 70,384 2,479,461
Western Sekondi-Takoradi 23,921 2,376,021
Upper East Bolgatanga 8,842 1,046,545
Upper West Wa 18,476 702,110
Volta Ho 20,570 2,118,252

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How much should I donate?

Any amount is respected and appreciated. Nothing is insignificant or useless. All donations go towards the education of impoverished but keen students

Do you keep credit card details?

No. We do not keep credit card details

Can I choose and support a particular student from a particular region?

Yes. If your interest lies in a particular region, we will allow you to help an impoverished but keen student

mold Minds

Welcome To Teach1000

Teach1000 Foundation derives its name from two (2) convictions:
1.    that a foundation is the lowest load-bearing part of a building (hugely important but typically unseen and below the ground). Therefore educating 1,000 keen learners or students will equip them for the future. The awakened students themselves can build their future on a strong foundation.
2.    that through the combined effort of the conscientious benevolent giving from friends, donors, businesses etc, we can leave this world a better place than we found it. We can make a difference in an individual, community, region and an entire country (Ghana) by contributing to the education of one (1) keen student at a time.

A private foundation like Teach1000 is a nonprofit organization that supports charitable (educational) activities in order to serve the common good. 

Teach1000 was created with seed money from the founder Martin Dzediku and is 100% focused on education. In a sense, Teach1000 is an operating foundation whose funds are expended to operate its own charitable programs in education; by contributing to educate 100 students in each of the 10 Regions of Ghana. 

Teach1000 do not provide grant or support to outside organization.

Teach1000 Foundation is operated and managed by a board of trustees and directors. The trustees work closely with the founder (as general overseer), a national coordinator and 10 regional coordinators.

Teach1000 will seek public support from government grants, individual donors, family donors, private foundations, corporations and other public charities. 

Provisions for the dissolution of the entity:
In the unlikely event of the need to dissolve Teach1000 Foundation (all funds and/or assets would be donated to the orphanage in Accra called Osu Children’s Home.

Accountability and Auditing Provisions:
The trustees of Teach1000 commit to actually using/distributing minimum asset of 5% annually. The trustees and management set and commit to the goal of greater transparency. We track every Teach1000 financial spend we make. The more we spend, the more approvals and substantiation we will need to provide. 

Key Facts about the Foundation. Teach1000:
•    is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization; 
•    was set up with seed money by founder; 
•    is managed by its own trustees and directors; 
•    is 100% focused on education in Ghana; 
•    has the founder (as general overseer of its activities), a national coordinator and 10 regional coordinators.
•    DO NOT make grants to other nonprofit organizations.


Please Join Us. DONATE Now.


    Educating and molding 100 minds in each of the 10 regions of GHANA (West Africa)

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    We are committed to the vision, values & ethics of Teach1000 Foundation

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    Our programs work together to educate and mold minds.

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    The pillars on which we operate ...

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    Knowledge database, electronic textbooks and reading material for students

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