10 Regions of Ghana Capital Area(km2) Population(2010 census)
Ashanti Kumasi 24,889 4,780,380
Brong-Ahafo Sunyani 39,557 2,310,983
Greater Accra Accra 3,245 4,010,054
Central Cape Coast 9,826 2,376,021
Eastern Koforidua 19,323 2,633,154
Northern Tamale 70,384 2,479,461
Western Sekondi-Takoradi 23,921 2,376,021
Upper East Bolgatanga 8,842 1,046,545
Upper West Wa 18,476 702,110
Volta Ho 20,570 2,118,252

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How much should I donate?

Any amount is respected and appreciated. Nothing is insignificant or useless. All donations go towards the education of impoverished but keen students

Do you keep credit card details?

No. We do not keep credit card details

Can I choose and support a particular student from a particular region?

Yes. If your interest lies in a particular region, we will allow you to help an impoverished but keen student



Teach1000 Foundation was established in 2015 to give access to quality, relevant education to impoverished but keen students and learners

We don’t believe in filling the mind of students with just information but we focus on equipping students with knowledge, know-how and the ability to think intelligently and act boldly.

We are proud of the fact that we are able to initiate significant and enriching changes in the lives of so many of Ghana’s poor communities over the coming years. 

One of the most important ways to develop a country is to help it develop competent capable leaders who are able to think solutions in a rapidly changing economic and social world. 

The future happens one day at a time and Teach1000 Foundation was founded to help students acquire good analytical skills and the ability to think critically about problems. Use of the imagination, innovativeness, teamwork and respecting other people and developing healthy relationships is a key part of our work. 

Because of global inter-connectedness, students are taught to think outside their immediate environment, communities, districts and regions and extend the reach of their influence. These are some of the most important skills required of leaders who are going to be able to make a difference and take Ghana forward, and these are qualities that are honed while studying under the Teach1000 programme. One of the first things we emphasize is the student’s participation in community service to give back to humanity.

Teach1000 contributes in various ways in educating our students and delivers trained T1000 students to the job market and they will always get work because of their improved education and the skills they have to offer. 

Ghana is divided into 10 regions and each region has many districts and communities. 

To be fair across the board and since we cannot reach every deserving student due to resource constraints, we are going to help a maximum of 100 students from the entire region. Ideally they may come from different districts but that is not guaranteed. What is crucial is that they are keen to learn, bright but impoverished!

Our national coordinator and regional coordinators then liaise with them and monitor their needs and progress.

Teach1000 facilitates quality teaching and learning with our wide range of resources, to ensure that each student in our programme reaches his or her peak of excellence.


We help children, families and communities escape the cycle of poverty.